Sung Lewe

CFO and Founder

Sung Lewe has over 20 years of Technical IT experience with a specialization in Network Security Integrations. Mr. Lewe moved to Northern Virginia to work for UUNET, first in a Security Incident Response Team providing firewall and security services to enterprise Internet customers. He then spent 4 years in the Network & Security consulting group performing hundreds of network security designs and implementations for Fortune 1000 companies.

In 2002, he founded Ashburn Consulting LLC and soon began providing Network and Security services to the newly created Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Mr. Lewe has previously held positions for Unisys, Mobil Oil Corporation and Smithkline Beecham. He currently supports multiple, highly visible DHS programs.

James Burris


James Burris has over 20 years of IT consulting experience. After completing his graduate studies at the University of Maryland, He began his technical and management consulting career working as a Senior IT Consultant for Booz Allen and Hamilton’s high profile Government customers. After receiving valuable management consulting experience, Mr. Burris then pursued a technical path working as a Network and Security Consultant supporting UUNET/Worldcom/MCI’s large fortune 500 customer base providing Consultative and Implementation services to wide variety of clients during the Internet boom. Recently, Mr. Burris has worked for General Dynamics as a team lead that provided Network & Security services to the Fairfax County Government.  From 2006-Present, he is one of the distinguished network engineers to undertake the overall network design, integration and management support of Fairfax County’s carrier-class DWDM/MPLS INET network. Mr. Burris has exceptional  management skills and is a recognized leader in his industry.

Amante Bustamante

Chief Technology Officer

A Senior Network and Security consultant and the company Chief Technology Officer, is an expert in the design and operation of networking systems essential to supporting complex requirements. Amante Bustamante has over 15 years of Technical IT experience with a specialization in Network and Network Security integrations. He started his career as aNetwork Engineer for UUNET broadband services from 1996-1998. Mr. Bustamante was then offered to move to an Elite Engineering group that provided IT Consulting services to hundreds of Fortune 1000 UUNET/Worldcom customers. Amante’s exceptional technical knowledge and experience with Networking & Security technologies & products made him one of the top Engineers in the group.

Yong Kim

COO & Director, Federal Accounts

Yong Kim has over 20 years of IT consulting experience. He began his technical and management consulting career at RPM Consulting. He then worked for Cisco as a Senior Sales Engineer.