Securing your Smart Home Presented by Ashburn Consulting’s Amante Bustamante

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Ashburn Consulting was invited to present at the Annual Fairfax Government Security Awareness day, October, 2019. With a very short lead time, I was able to put together some general best practice security guidelines for setting up your Smart home. I apologize if I say “right” a lot during the session, I was a bit nervous due to the high profile audience in attendance and the film crew. 🙂

Smart Homes: The Future of Ownership and How to Secure Technology has been integrated into our homes for longer than some might realize. It is predicted that the smart homes of the future will be able to open the curtains and start brewing coffee for users in the next decade. Smart homes will be able to interact with over 150 consumers everyday appliances and bring ease and reliability to users, but at what cost? In this session, hear from speakers on how smart homes of the near future will be able to adapt and assist with home-owners day-to-day routine but how will companies use your data as consumers? What are the security risks smart technology pose?

One correction in the presentation: When you enable Mac filtering in your Wireless Router, the Guest SSID is also affected. I forgot to mention that you may need a separate router only to connect your Guest users if you want that extra segmentation and opt out in enabling Mac filtering there. The feature request of making the Guest SSID in the same wireless router as an exception to Mac filtering has been heard by a lot of the Wireless router vendors and could be a future capability.


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Amante Bustamante is the Senior Network and Security consultant and the company Chief Technology Officer. He is an expert in the design and operation of networking systems essential to supporting complex requirements. Amante Bustamante has over 15 years of Technical IT experience with a specialization in Network and Network Security integrations.
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